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Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy together with x-ray crystallography are the only two biophysical techniques that provide atomic-level information of biomolecules.  With the use of isotopic labeling (13C,15N, or 31P) it becomes possible to explore a number of different phenomena, such as:

  • Determination of macromolecular conformation or structure
  • Examine dynamics and flexibility of biomolecules
  • Characterize unfolded, disordered states or folding processes
  • Study or screen interactions with various types of ligands

If you have any questions regarding the potential application of NMR spectroscopy to research problems please contact the facility director Ben Ramirez by phone (312-355-4857) or email (  The facility director can provide guidance as well as help with the set-up and implementation of NMR experiments.

Please contact Ben Ramirez immediately if there is any trouble, problems or emergencies with NMR instruments.


Scheduling and Training

Instrument time is scheduled via email or phone requests to Ben Ramirez.

Users wanting to schedule independent instrument time must be qualified.  For details on training and certification please contact Ben Ramirez.

Usage Fee

Please contact Ben Ramirez for the NMR instrument hourly rate.

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